Christian Petitions

Christian Petitions was the name we came up with for our brand new news and blogging website which we feel encompasses both our religious beliefs and the overall feeling you get when you visit out website.

Or, just in case you were confused, we Christain by belief, and by petitions, we mean that since petitions are a form of extracting data from a range of individuals - Well you can also extract the same data simply by visiting our blog and seeing the vast range of topics that we cover while broadening your horizons on topics you never thought would interest you until now!

We guess you could say that the gereral them to our website is that there is none! We live in a random and diverse world, so when it came to deciding which particuliar topic we should centre our blog around, we said to hell with it - We're going random baby!

The only things you'll find here on Christian Petitions is a collection of what we are interested in blogging about. It really is as simple as that! Why bother blogging about this that and the other when you're not even interested in those particuliar subjects? Would you do it? We certainly don't enjoy it, so to hell with anyone who doesn't like it we say!

Don't like our attitude? We don't care! (Actually we do really, we obviously love each and every visitor who takes the time to visit our website!) But on a serious note.. Surely even you can see that blogging and even speaking about stuff that's close to your heart can only be positive in nature. If you haven't already tried it then give it a bash.. It's genuinely liberating!

Enough with the rant already we hear you say! So with that now out of the way, we hope you enjoy your time here at Christian Petitions. Feel free to brose through our plethora of articles, and if you fancy getting in touch you can do so by sending us an email at

It's been emotional but it's been a pleasure - Speak soon guys!

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